Driving times

Drive times between towns

Exploring the NSW North Coast on a road trip is great fun and there is lots of beautiful countryside and untouched coastline to explore. Below are some distances and estimated times of common routes and destinations to help you plan your journey.

Estimated Driving time
Sydney to Byron Bay|749km|9 hours 40 minutes**
Byron Bay to Brisbane|190km|2 hours 15 minutes**
Byron Bay to Gold Coast|75km|40 minutes**
Sydney to Newcastle|173km|2 hours 10 minutes**
Newcastle to Port Stephens/Nelson Bay|63km|45 minutes**
Newcastle to Hunter Valley|50 km|30 minutes**
Newcastle to Port Macquarie|254km|3 hours 10 minutes**
Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour|180km|2 hours 15 minutes**
Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay|240km|3 hours**
Coffs Harbour to Yamba|137km|1 hour 30 minutes**
Yamba to Byron Bay|92km|1 hour 30 minutes**
Ballina to Byron Bay|29km|20 minutes****

Note that driving times for similar distances can vary greatly, due to the type of roads and conditions. Generally on the Pacific Highway the speed limit is 110km per hour. However, winding country and coastal roads (the most scenic) can have you driving at a much slower pace!