Weather Overview

The NSW North Coast and Byron Bay has a mild subtropical climate and is a favourite destination in Australia for those seeking some sunshine all year round. Select from the dropdown below to view the current conditions and weather forecast in the other main centres of the NSW North Coast.

Byron Bay

In summer (December, January, February) the days are long and hot, with temperatures regularly sitting at 27°C (80.6°F) or above. At night, summertime temperatures sit around 19 or 20°C. Even the sea is beautifully warm in summer, at 25°C or so. Perfect conditions for a beach holiday.

Whilst not far north enough to be overly steamy like the tropics, humidity levels in Byron Bay are above average for Australia, with some rainfall. Sometimes in summer spectacular storms will roll in with lightening displays out to sea. The storms usually disappear as quickly as they came. Late summer (Feb and March) tend to be the wettest months.

Winter (June, July, August) sees less rain and provides some lovely sunny days with 20°C (68°F) degree temperatures not uncommon. Mid winter on the warmer days, you'll still find people sunbathing on the beaches and some surfers in the water without wetsuits. August and September are generally the driest months. In the middle of winter it will be dark by about 5.30pm at night and the temperature can dip markedly once the sun goes down. It can regularly be 11 or 12 degrees celsius at night. Sea temperature in winter can sit at around 20 degrees.

Original statistics taken from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

UV protection

Don't forget the sun in Australia can be extremely strong and you may find yourself getting sunburnt a lot quicker than you might expect (even in the middle of winter). Remember to use sunscreen.