Lennox Head

Lennox is a great little surf town, just a short drive down the coast from Byron Bay. It’s got a famous point break which brings Australian and international surfers flocking. It is also the home of a dedicated surfing reserve.

In recent years Lennox Head has grown as a holiday town and is now popular as a beach break destination for families, groups of friends and surfers alike. The village sits in a beautiful spot, perched at the southern end of Seven Mile beach. It has a main drag which runs parallel to the beach back drop and provides a good array of accommodation options, restaurants, cafes and shops to keep holidaymakers entertained. It’s also close enough to Byron Bay so if you have a car you can easily spend your time between the two.

The atmosphere in Lennox Head is ultra laid back, and whilst it is largely about the beach, there is more to this town. Nestled just back from the sand dunes and just a walk from the centre of town you'll find Lake Ainsworth. The lake's waters are a darker reddish colour, stained by tannin from the tea trees which line the shore. A tranquil and refreshing place for a swim, the tea tree waters are also said to be great for the skin! It's a fresh water lake, so is fantastic if you feel like a cool dip on a hot day, without the stickiness of the sand and salt from the surf. Lake Ainsworth is the ideal scenic spot to have a picnic as an alternative to the beach, and is also nice and calm for sailing or canoeing.